[[t]se̱rɪbrəl, AM səri͟ːbrəl[/t]]
1) ADJ-GRADED If you describe someone or something as cerebral, you mean that they are intellectual rather than emotional. [FORMAL]

Washington struck me as a precarious place from which to publish such a cerebral newspaper.

2) ADJ: ADJ n Cerebral means relating to the brain. [MEDICAL]

...a cerebral haemorrhage.

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  • cérébral — cérébral, ale, aux [ serebral, o ] adj. • av. 1615; lat. cerebrum 1 ♦ Anat. Qui a rapport au cerveau. Hémisphères cérébraux. Lobes cérébraux. Localisations cérébrales. Congestion, hémorragie cérébrale. 2 ♦ Relatif à l esprit, aux idées, à l… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • cerebral — CEREBRÁL, Ă, cerebrali, le adj. 1. Care aparţine creierului, privitor la creier şi la funcţiile lui. 2. Intelectual, raţional, mintal. Activitate cerebrală. 3. (Despre oameni; adesea substantivat) Care se conduce (uneori exagerând) numai după… …   Dicționar Român

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